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Samoan visa requirements for Canada

Samoan visa requirements for Canada

There are various activities available in Canada. It is an expansive nation where you may simultaneously appreciate nature and civilization. For example, you may take a walking tour of Toronto or Niagara Falls.

When planning a vacation to Canada, you cannot overlook the Canada ETA. Unfortunately, this material is restricted to specific nationalities. Nonetheless, certain nations are fortunate enough to be qualified to apply.

If you possess a Samoan passport, you are in luck since you are eligible to apply for the Canada ETA. Learn more about this paper by answering the following questions.

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Some nations may apply for a Canada ETA to enter the country. This is an official document allowing some foreign visitors to enter the country. It utilizes the Electronic Travel Authorization system, thus the abbreviation ETA.

Citizens who do not require a visa are now required to possess an ETA. This system went live in March of 2016. Since then, countless tourists have received it without difficulty.

IVC Services allows you to acquire your ETA fast and effortlessly since our online form is simple to grasp and complete.

Follow this link for additional information regarding the Canada Visa for nationals of Samoa.


I possess a passport from Samoa; do I require a visa to enter Canada as a citizen of Samoa?

To enter Canada with a Samoan passport, no Paper Visa is required. What you need is an ETA for Canada.

The Canada ETA is far simpler to get than a standard visa, beginning with the fact that you do not need to visit an embassy to obtain it.

In addition, to apply for the Canada ETA, you need a few minutes to fill out a form on this website. There is no need to wait in line at the airport or elsewhere.

The only thing you must consider beyond the application form is the list of required application papers. The whole list is provided in the next section.





Regarding the list of papers, it is pretty simple to get. However, the list is brief compared to other procedures, particularly when seeking a standard visa.

The conditions and components are short and fundamental because the ETA is not a visa but rather a simple travel authorization. It is likely that you already own the following items:

  • To enter Canada, a biometric passport is required. Remember that this passport will be connected to your ETA.
  • A debit or credit card for the appropriate transaction. Additionally, you can use your PayPal account.
  • The final need is a valid email address. Remember that confirmation from your ETA will be sent via this method.


That is all you would need to apply for an ETA for Canada.

Click on this link if you like to learn more about the Canada Visa for nationals of Samoa.





You must also consider pricing when applying for a document of this nature.

Note that our costs include the ETA itself, but we charge an additional fee for our services. Don't forget that this is required to process your ETA expeditiously.

The good news is that our rates are reasonable and tailored to your needs. We provide three alternatives based on the urgency of your ETA request:

  • Standard Procedure: It costs USD 22.30 and takes 24 hours to acquire your Canada ETA.
  • By selecting the Rush procedure and paying the associated fee of USD 55.30, you will have your ETA within 4 hours.
  • This choice is crucial if you are in a hurry, as it requires you to wait only 30 minutes. However, the cost increases to USD 69.80.


Are you prepared to apply? Then, follow this link.





To properly apply, you only need to follow these steps. Our online form is pretty straightforward, so completion shouldn't take long.

Please fill out the form with your basic information so that Canadian authorities can include you in their database. You must then select your desired processing time when applying.

The second step is to examine your information thoroughly. Once your ETA has been processed, it will be challenging to adjust. After the evaluation, you can pay for the service using your preferred method.

The third step is to load the essential elements to complete the operation. This procedure concludes when you click "submit."

Click here for additional information about the Canada Visa for Samoan nationals.

Never forget that we are always available to assist you. If you have any issues regarding the application process, please use this link to contact us.




HOW secure is the IVC Services website?

Our application forms are secure since our system does not save any of the information you submit. The Canadian government processes all the information you supply immediately to approve your application.

In addition, we do not save any additional sensitive information, including payment data. Our payment platform is direct and automated, so the ETA is immediately completed, and your card information is not stored.

However, we recognize that this is a delicate subject, so please consult our evaluations if you have any questions.





Do you have further questions about the Canada ETA? We urge you to contact our specialists via online chat to obtain personalized assistance.

You may get further information regarding the Canada Visa for Samoan people at this website.

At IVC Services, we strive to provide you with the greatest eVisa and online travel document service possible. Therefore, please do not delay applying for your Canada ETA using our website.

Now is the time to enjoy your trip to this gorgeous country!

Yixi (Sophia) Li co-wrote this article. Since 2016, she has worked as a licensed immigration consultant (RCIC) for an immigration law business. She is also an Ontario-licensed paralegal and a public notary. She possesses a Master of Laws. She established Mainstay Immigration Law Firm and Yixi Li Legal Firm in 2018.