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Renew your Malaysian Passport Online in Singapore! Stay at Home. Keep Safe. Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Renewal of Malaysian Passports in Singapore Malaysian Passport Renewal in Singapore - A Comprehensive Guide on Renewing Your Passport in Malaysia

Information on Online Malaysian Passport Renewal

Information on Online Malaysian Passport Renewal

MyONLINE*PASSPORT is an online service that enables Malaysians to renew their passports.
Payment may be paid using a credit card or direct debit for online applications (FPX) to restore Malaysian access.

Apply Now Malaysian Passport Renewal



Applicants may pick up their passports at any listed offices (in the system).

Based on the date and time of operation, the system may determine the date and time of collection. On the receipt, the amount will be stated.



  •  Context. The backdrop of the photo MUST be white. Other colors are not permitted for the ground.
  •  The candidate must wear dark, shoulder- and chest-covering apparel.
  •  Women who cover their heads or wear the hijab must wear dark colors, ideally black. Their visage must always be visible.
  •  Absence of eyewear, colored contact lenses, and hair/head accessories.
  •  The supplied image must be a photoshop file captured by a professional photographer. Neither instantaneous nor Polaroid photographs are acceptable.

For more clarification, please see the sample picture below:

Applications not meeting the above criteria will be refused, resulting in collection delays.



1. Applicants must be 13 years old and have an e-passport (passport with chip). In addition, previous tickets must be in excellent condition.

2. The candidate must fill out every required field on the application page. The applicant will be susceptible to legal action under Section 12(1)(c) of the Passport Act of 1966 if they provide false or misleading information during the application procedure (Act 150).

3. ONLY the legal guardian who supplied consent during the last application procedure may submit electronically for renewal on behalf of applicants aged 13 to 18. The applicant must be accompanied by their legal guardian when obtaining a passport. The applicant will not receive the ticket if the legal guardian is absent.

4. The candidate must include a current picture in passport size with their application.

5. Payment options include credit card and direct debit. The fees for passports are as follows:

  • Standard Application: 13 to 59: RM 200
  • Senior Citizen (at least 60 years of age): RM100

6. The applicant must attend in person at the Immigration office to get a passport. No delegates are authorized. The applicant must have their Identification Card, a valid passport, and a copy of their receipt.

7. Failure to deliver the required documentation or be physically present to receive the passport would result in the denied entry for collection.

8. Renewal applications are only accepted under normal conditions.

9. The passport must be in good condition (no stains, water damage, or rips) and chip-free.

10. Applicants whose lost or destroyed passports are ineligible to apply online.

11. A person who has broken the law is ineligible to submit an online application.


Additional condition:

1. Applicants under 18 must provide a birth certificate and be accompanied by a legal guardian.



1. As the payment procedure is bank-specific, you can contact the bank if there is a problem with your payment.

2. If there is a problem with the photo upload, the Collection Office can be retrieved from the Immigration office.

3. If the statement 'Please Refer to the Immigration Office' appears on the document, it indicates that the application cannot be filed online for the following reasons: – The application cannot be submitted electronically due to:

3.1 The saved fingerprint is damaged or absent, necessitating its retrieval to prevent authentication difficulties.


Fingerprint detection at the entrance/exit.

3.2 You do not match the requirements mentioned on the MyOnline * Passport website.

3.3 The data submitted into the system is inaccurate or contradictory.


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