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Leave your tensions with us and have a relaxed PR Appointment & Application Form.

Our dedicated expert team understands the responsibility with highest levels of trust, honesty and integrity and is well equipped to manage and process your PR Application.  IVC Services remain customer friendly and meet endeavor to exceed all the requirements entrusted by our customers.

how IVC Services can help you in your PR Application

Singapore PR - IVC Services

PR Specialists

Understanding ICA Screening process for PR Application is the First step to get your application approved.

As rejection rates are high we fill the applications diligently to maximize your approval chances.

Singapore PR - IVC Services

Form 4A Review and correction

At IVC Services, your PR Application will be professionally Reviewed and corrected for ease for submission of Application.

Singapore PR - IVC Services

Handholding till your PR Appointment

At IVC Services, we help you go though all the stages of your PR Application process and not just Filling your Application Form.

We will help you writing and summarizing your work profile in a manner as ICA officers seek for your PR Approval.


Singapore PR - IVC Services

Assistance in appointment

You never know when the appointment slot will be open, as they are closed most of the times, and the time they open , they get Filled.

We can help you in Getting the PR Appointment as we regularly monitor and book the slots.

Singapore PR - IVC Services

Relevant Attestation and Compilation of Documents

Your PR Application is approved or rejected only based on the Documents you submit, and the only part you should worry about is proper Documentation and Presentation so your PR Application stand out with others.

Singapore PR - IVC Services

Application Snapshot for quick review

There are thousands of Pending PR applications at ICA, with variety of cases.

Putting a snapshot of your PR Application with a Cover Letter explaining the case is pretty important as the officers have less time per application.

Why IVC Services ?

We at IVC provide complete assistance on the above services. As PR appointments are booked always in haste, you might get an appointment unexpectedly on a very closer date.IVC Services takes your worries and assist you on your fore coming PR appointment.

We assist in being with you on every stage of document preparation and getting a hassle-free form-filling service for PR.Whether you look for any solution of attestations, translations, affidavits, we at IVC assist you on the said services.


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