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Documents Required:

  • Original Passport - Current & All Previous Passports
  • One Photograph in white background
  • Employment Letter dated less than a month
  • Bank Statement - Last Six Months
  • Flight Booking to Canada
  • Hotel Booking in Canada

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  • Applicant who intend to travel to Canada are required to apply for visa before their travel except the Visa exempted countries to Canada.
  • Applicants travelling to Canada for purpose of tourism, visiting friends and relatives in Canada can apply for Tourist Visa for Canada.
  • IVC Services assist in getting the Tourist Visas for Canada for applicants who are resident in Singapore.
  • Based on the eligibility and as per Nationalities Visas are granted for a period of 6 months multiple entry to 10 years multiple entry to Canada.
  • Applicants can travel by air, road or ship using this acquired Canada Tourist Visa on their passport.
  • Here is the listing of detailed requirement to apply for Canada Visa for residents of Singapore through IVC Services- Singapore.

Checklist to Apply for Tourist Visa - Canada - without inviter in Canada

  1. Original Passport - Current & All Previous Passports
  2. One Photograph in white background
  3. Employment Letter dated less than a month
  4. Bank Statement - Last Six Months
  5. Flight Booking to Canada
  6. Hotel Booking in Canada

Checklist to Apply for Tourist Visa - Canada - with inviter in Canada

  1. Original Passport - Current & All Previous Passports
  2. One Photograph in white background
  3. Employment Letter dated less than a month
  4. Bank Statement - Last Six Months
  5. Flight Booking to Canada
  6. Inviter Letter from Canada
  7. Inviter Passport Copy
  8. Inviter Visa Copy or PR Copy

Processing Time for Canada Tourist Visa

General processing time for Canada Tourist Visa is 15 to 20 working days. However in cases it can be less or more than stipulated time period.

Original Passport

Original Passport should be submitted for the processing of the Canada Tourist Visa application as Visa will be stamped on the passport. Passport should have at least two blank pages one for visa stamping and other one for stamping of entry/exit stamps in passport. Passport should be valid for at least 6 months as on the day of travel to Canada. If passport validity is less than 6 months passports have to be renewed before applying for Canada Visa. Visa validity will be given based on passport validity for visas issued for more than one year.

Previous Passports are also required as complete travel history of applicant is required for completion of Canada Tourist Visa Application.

IC Copy

Singaporean PR should enclose the copy of the NRIC and re-entry permit copy along with the Canada Tourist Visa Application

Long Term Pass Holders, Employment Pass Holders, Dependent Pass Holders, S Pass Holders, Work Permit Holders, Student Pass Holders, Personalised Employment Pass Holders, Entre Pass, Training Employment Pass applying for Canada Tourist Visa in Singapore should attach a copy of the pass along with your Canada Visa Application.

It is to be noted that the pass validity should be at least two months valid at the time of submission of Canada Visa.
If the duration of pass is lesser than two months, applicant should produce a letter of explanation from the guarantor. Guarantor can be generally Applicant’s Employer or Spouse Employer.

Ticket and Hotel Booking

Travellers who apply for visa should have hotel booking in Canada. Flight tickets should be provided showing the applicant name, in and out dates of Canada. Travellers who are travelling by cruise can provide the cruise itinerary instead of flight ticket and hotel booking.

Bank Statement

Applicant should provide the latest six months bank statement along with Canada Visa application in Singapore to prove that they have adequate funds for their travel to Canada.
Applicant should make sure that they possess sufficient bank balance which shows you have adequate funds on your travel to Canada.
If the traveller is neither un-employed nor holding a bank account can produce the spouse or parent’s bank statements with supporting relationship documents like marriage certificate or birth certificate whichever is applicable.


To apply for Canada Visa, you would require one photograph. The photograph should be of white background. The photograph size required for the Canada Visa Application is 35 mm X 45 mm. The photograph should be latest, front facing with most exposure is on the face. Long distanced photographs, photographs of dull and blurred visibility are not accepted.

Letter of Invitation from Canada

To apply for Canada Visa in Singapore with inviter who is currently resident in Canada, the applicant should produce a letter of invitation from them. The invitation letter should clearly explain the name of the applicant, relationship status with applicant, purpose of visit and proposed number of days for stay in Canada. The letter should be issued in the plain A4 sheet with the signature of the sponsor. (Assistance can be provided by IVC Services)

Inviter Documents from Canada

The colour copy of inviter’s current passport, inviter’s Canada visa copy is required to be submitted along with the Canada Visa application.

Letter of Undertaking from Canada in case of Financial Sponsorship

If the inviter in Canada will act as a financial sponsor for the applicant during the travel period are required to submit their 6 months bank statement of their Canada Bank Account along with the declaration letter stating the undertaking of financial needs of applicant during his stay period in Canada.

Relationship Proof Documents

If the main applicant is travelling with his family, relevant relationship documents like marriage certificate and birth certificates are to be furnished along with the application.

Biometric Registration

Biometric Registration for Canadian Tourist visas are not required in most cases. There are few scenarios in which the requirement of biometric registration will be notified by the Canadian Immigration Department upon the completion of process for Canada Tourist Visa.

All the above stated documents are basic and sufficient requirements for processing Canada Visa application in Singapore.

However case to case, nationality to nationality additional documents may be required by the Canadian Immigration Department which will be notified to the applicant by IVC Services at a later stage.

IVC Services-Singapore facilitates the complete assistance in lodging the Tourist Visa Application for Canada with utmost care and responsibility. However the discretion of granting or rejection of visa will be the Canadian Immigration Department.

IVC Services will handover to the applicant the entire documents whichever is accepted for the Canada Visa Application.

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