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Documents Required:

  • Colour Scan Copy of Passport
  • Colour Scan Copy of IC or Pass Copy
  • Contact Number and Address in Singapore

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Australia - Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)

Applicant of below nationalities are eligible to apply for ETA for Australia from Singapore.

Eligible Countries to Apply for Australia ETA

  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Brunei
  • United States of America
  • Canada
  • HongKong
  • Japan
  • South Korea

How Does an Australian ETA work?

It is to be noted that ETA for Australia is digitally linked with the passport of the applicant. Australian ETA will not be pasted on your passport as it is electronically linked with the passport. Each ETA is linked with the passport number. Whenever applicant renews their passport it is to be noted that the ETA which is linked to the old passport gets automatically cancelled. Applicant cannot opt for visa transfer.

Every time applicant change the new passport, they are required to apply for new ETA for Australia.

Please be noted that if applicant hold an other valid category of visa for Australia, the valid ETA will not work at the time applicant land in Australia.

ETA for Australia will only work if applicant do not work when there is no other valid visas for Australia is linked on the passport.

Duration of Stay - ETA Australia

Australian ETA is generally a temporary visa. ETA for Australia is granted either 12 months from the date it is granted, or the duration on the validity of the passport whichever is the shorter.

On Each Stay applicant is allowed to stay in Australia for up to 3 months.

Visa validity starts from the date the Australian ETA is granted.

It is be noted that ETA for Australia cannot be extended or you cannot stay in Australia more than the given visa period.

Requirements - ETA Australia :

Following are the requirements to apply for an ETA

  • Colour Scan Copy of Passport which are under Eligible countries
  • Colour Scan Copy of Singapore IC
  • Address and Contact Number in Singapore

Travel to Australia - Purpose :

  • Tourism - Holidaying & Cruising
  • Visiting family or friends
  • Business visit


To travel on cruise you require visa for Australia. When travelling on cruise as a round trip the timing spent on cruise will be counted as you spend time in Australia- that is, you will not be considered that you have left Australia.

Ask your cruise operator if your cruise will be a round trip cruise.

Business visit

Business visit can be explained as follows

  • General business meetings
  • Getting into investigation, negotiation, or entering into or reviewing a business contract when you are in Australia
  • Conducting activities in Australia as part of an official government visit
  • Taking part in a conferences, trade fairs or seminars when you are in Australia. Please be noted that the organisers cannot pay you to take part


  • Do not work for or provide any services to a business in Australia or organisation based in Australia when you are in a ETA. Please apply for relevant visa based on the purpose of travel.
  • Do not involve in any type of selling goods or services directly to the public when you are on a ETA to Australia.

If you wish to get employed on a short-term work in Australia that which does not fall under business visit you are entitled to only apply for a temporary work visa.

General Instructions to apply for ETA for Australia

  • Each application is treated as individual application.
  • Even if travelling as family, visa is to be applied on individual basis.
  • Temporary Passports, Stateless Passports or Identity Passports are not eligible to apply for ETA for Australia.
  • ETA for Australia cannot be applied when applicant is already in Australia. Applicant must be outside Australia at the time visa is applied and granted.
  • Processing Time in general will be one working day. However it might take longer time subject to the clearance of visa.
  • Applicants are advised to meet all immigrations and local laws when they are in Australia
  • Applicants are advised to have Health Insurance to cover all medical unforeseen requirements
  • Applicant will be solely responsible for all Financial requirements of self when in Australia
  • Applicant can travel as many time they want in and out of Australia while they hold a valid ETA for Australia.

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